RWP Seniors- and all that implies 

Hello and Welcome

I’m am excited that your considering RWP as your Senior Portrait Photographer, I look forward to meeting you!

Graduating from high school is the first major milestone in your life, and I think its a very big deal.  If you agree,

then this will be an exciting experience for you too!   Having your senior portraits taken is a fantastic way to

commemorate your well earned accomplishments and let the world know how amazing your are.  As a

photographer that specializes in SP photography I am committed to providing you with a tailored photography

experience, giving you creative and stylish images to love for a lifetime. We will know eachother on a personal

level before you even step in front of the camera!  I will prepare your session to suit perfectly, allowing you to be

comfortable, relaxed and able to make the best choices to prepare and build confidence and excitement.  I’m a

professional, with an easy going attitude, that also loves working with senior clients.  I am certain that you

will have a great time being the center of attention. Super excited for our new friendship, and to plan your big day,

we are going to rock this! Spring and early summer are the best time for you to plan and schedule your portraits.

“I don't know who started this thing about being perfect but the sooner we ditch that idea the happier we all will be!”             

                              -Alastair Arnott

Orders and contract obligations made simple...

I do things a little differently than many photographers... Recognizing that not every client will have the same product needs, and therefore proposing that you choose a package that really doesn't contain what your looking for, forcing you to purchase multiple products that your not interested in- well it doesn't make anyone happy.  It's true that some people want handfuls of stuff and order the lot, but that's not what RWP strives for.

​​I offer a selection method that allows you to be in-control of your options and budget, knowing that

your receiving the best products at a price point you choose.  Having been through this process myself, I get

it and will assist in helping you select smart as well as usable choices.  And if you do require extra pieces I also

offer discounts for additional products that you may desire.